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As COVID-19 makes its way across the globe and paralyzes aviation industry worldwide, Aviation-Job.EU is committed to help you and your aviation businesses to navigate through this difficult period. We're trying to help the aviation industry avoid paying exorbitant fees just to find employees that are looking for work.
In a sense, we're trying to optimize the aviation hiring process by making it affordable for even the smallest of aviation start-ups and free of charge for all the jobseekers.

Therefore, job posting on Aviation-Job.EU is free of charge until further notice.

Best regards,
Aviation-Job.EU Team.

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Lagerhelfer (m/w/d)

Posted on:
30 days ago
AIDe PersonalService– ist seit über 30 Jahren der Spezialist für Arbeitskräfteüberlassung und Personalvermittlung. Wir sind ein erfolgreiches inhabergeführtes Unternehmen für Personaldienstleistungen im Bereich AUTOMOTIVE, AVIATION, ELECTRICS, HEALTHCARE, HOSPITALITY, INDUSTRIES, LOGISTICS und OFFICES. Für unseren namhaften Auftraggeber in *Köln* suchen wir zum frühestmöglichen Eintrittstermin...
AIDe PersonalService


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