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With more than 15 years of international operation, Global Jet Luxembourg has proven its exceptional know-how and become a benchmark for private aircraft management. Our vast expertise not only allows us to manage more than 80 aircraft worldwide, but more importantly – enables us to offer individual and tailor-made solutions to our partners. Evidence to this is the continuous trust placed in us by our long-term clients, as well as the steadily rising demand for our service.

In order to understand and facilitate the needs of exceptional clientele, one needs exceptional people, people with comprehensive qualities, committed to performing beyond expectations and always willing to improve. Therefore Global Jet Luxembourg is constantly looking for new talents to join a unique experience.

33 Rue de Gasperich, 5826 Hesperange, Luxembourg


Phone:   +352 49 80 89

Global Jet Luxembourg
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First Officers Falcon 7X
Embarked Ground Engineer
Flight Operations Engineer
Flight Operation Coordinator
First Officer
Captain / Pilot

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Global Jet Luxembourg

33 Rue de Gasperich, 5826 Hesperange, Luxembourg

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